An era in which the world's cultural and artistic
industries have been extremely developed

People gathered one by one to lead the
future cultural center of the world, and MAFIA,
a group that does not belong to anyone
but exists in everything, was born

DFA Projects

The DFA project is a project that changes the ecosystem of the culture/art industry into a transparent and fair structure, and allows each participant to balance fair opportunities and profits.

In addition, in the cultural/art market that requires a variety of users, stakeholders such as creators, publishers, producers, investors, and planners can pursue transparent transactions and fair profits for industrial development, so that each user's creations can be transferred to the blockchain system. We will make the token economy and governance within.


Main Service

Governance (Platform)

▫ The right to present opinions and vote on governance within the Mafia is given
▫ If a specific opinion meets certain conditions, it is reflected in governance

Mafia (Community)

▫ Only users with a certain level of authority can form a mafia, and a space where professional activities or fandom activities in a specific field are possible based on the mafia

Reward (Staking)

▫ Even if you own a card, you will be able to generate basic revenue
▫ Mining rate is paid differently according to the grade or number of cards possessed


Main Service

Space for issuing NFT contents
(including promotion and trading functions)

First, as a publishing space for NFT contents, Mafia supports the issuance of various forms of NFTs such as photos, videos, and sound sources. In issuing a separate NFT for Mafia members or purchasing NFTs, preferential treatment such as discounts or priorities for quick purchase is granted, unlike other Mafia members or citizens who have not joined the Mafia. Information on this is given priority to the Mafia.

NFT Character Contest

Secondly, it can be used as an NFT character contest space. In addition to simply appreciating your NFT characters, you can participate in a contest with various second-processed creations based on NFT characters, and through the results of the contest, DPA tokens can be paid as rewards and NFT content issuance based on those creations can be supported at the platform level.

Sweepstakes event

Third, Mafia can be used as a giveaway and airdrop event space. Targeting a mafia with a lot of activity, only members of the mafia can participate in the event through an event held as an event, and through this event, you can get various rewards such as prizes or airdrops of DPA tokens.

Streaming services

Finally, free/paid streaming service space. It will provide a space to support communication between celebrities and mafias through real-time video chat, and in particular, celebrities will provide free and paid services such as live performances through the DuckFia platform or partnership with the mafia itself with a large fandom. In addition, as an OTT service, various education, lecture videos, and videos suitable for the interests of the mafia will be quickly and conveniently available on the mafia.


In the DuckFia platform, there are a total of 5 classes: Godfather, Consigliere, Caporegim, Soldato, which correspond to the administrator level, and ordinary citizens who do not own cards.

Classes are divided according to the number and type of NFT character cards, and areas and roles that can be active on the platform are divided according to each class.

god father

1 4-star + 1 3-star + 2 2-star + 2 1-star


1 3-star + 2 2-star + 2 1-star


2 2-star + 2 1-star


1 2-star rating + 2 1-star ratings


1 2-star rating + 2 1-star ratings


It's a series of NFT works by DuckFia.
Every time you open a character, the type increases for each grade.
NFT works are issued as ERC-721, so if you purchase the NFT, you can fully own the NFT.


  • Q3 DuckFia Team Recruitment
    Cultural industry, NFT combined planning
  • Q4 DuckFia Ltd. establish
    Whitepaper 1.0
    Smart contract development
    DFA Wallet development begins
    • 2023
  • Q1 DFA Wallet Development
    Listed on overseas exchanges
    DFA community platform development begins
  • Q2 Scheduled to open the first NFT character
  • Q3 DFA community platform beta test
    NFT character 2nd opening planned
  • Q4 DFA community platform officially open
    Plans for pilot operation of NFT content
    • 2024
  • Q1 NFT market place scheduled to open
  • Q2 Recruitment of DFA project partners (celebrity)
    OTT streaming service scheduled to open
  • Q3 Additional content to be published
  • Q4 Expansion into the metaverse and fusion of DFA characters